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Finnish Wool Knitwear

Discover our entire selection of exclusive and authentic Scandinavian knitwear, scarves, beanies and blankets made of 100% luxurious Finnish wool. All Ekta Helsinki products are ethically made in Finland. We offer worldwide shipping and 14 days return and exchange right. 

Ekta Helsinki Gift CardEkta Helsinki Gift Card
Ekta Helsinki Gift Card Sale priceFrom €50,00
Christmas Gift Set Sale price€20,00
Alexa Turtleneck OakAlexa Turtleneck Oak
Alexa Turtleneck Oak Sale price€280,00
Alexa Turtleneck Off-whiteAlexa Turtleneck Off-white
Alexa Turtleneck Off-white Sale price€280,00
Alexa Turtleneck GreyAlexa Turtleneck Grey
Alexa Turtleneck Grey Sale price€280,00
Anne Long Knit OakAnne Long Knit Oak
Anne Long Knit Oak Sale price€290,00
Anne Long Knit GreyAnne Long Knit Grey
Anne Long Knit Grey Sale price€290,00
Dagmar Cardigan OakDagmar Cardigan Oak
Dagmar Cardigan Oak Sale price€325,00
Elisabet Cardigan Off-whiteElisabet Cardigan Off-white
Elisabet Cardigan Off-white Sale price€285,00
Helene Roll-Neck Dress GreyHelene Roll-Neck Dress Grey
Helene Roll-Neck Dress Grey Sale price€345,00
Katrine Turtleneck GreyKatrine Turtleneck Grey
Katrine Turtleneck Grey Sale price€280,00
Minna Funnel-Neck OakMinna Funnel-Neck Oak
Minna Funnel-Neck Oak Sale price€280,00
Marie Midi Skirt OakMarie Midi Skirt Oak
Marie Midi Skirt Oak Sale price€245,00
Sofie O-Neck BrownSofie O-Neck Brown
Sofie O-Neck Brown Sale price€265,00
Alex Turtleneck OakAlex Turtleneck Oak
Alex Turtleneck Oak Sale price€280,00
Ekta Helsinki Alex Turtleneck sweater in off-white for men with regular fit.Alex Turtleneck Off-white
Alex Turtleneck Off-white Sale price€280,00
Alex Turtleneck GreyAlex Turtleneck Grey
Alex Turtleneck Grey Sale price€280,00
Fredrik Crew-Neck OakFredrik Crew-Neck Oak
Fredrik Crew-Neck Oak Sale price€280,00
Dagmar Cardigan OakDagmar Cardigan Oak
Dagmar Cardigan Oak Sale price€325,00
Kids Mikaela KnitKids Mikaela Knit.
Kids Mikaela Knit Sale price€155,00
Aurora Scarf OakAurora Scarf Oak
Aurora Scarf Oak Sale price€220,00
Aurora Scarf Light GreyAurora Scarf Light Grey
Aurora Scarf Light Grey Sale price€220,00
Eliel Scarf Light GreyEliel Scarf Light Grey
Eliel Scarf Light Grey Sale price€220,00
Eliel Scarf OakEliel Scarf Oak
Eliel Scarf Oak Sale price€220,00
Eliel Scarf BlackEliel Scarf Black
Eliel Scarf Black Sale price€220,00
Alvar Blanket Light Grey
Alvar Blanket Light Grey Sale price€320,00
Alvar Blanket GreyAlvar Blanket Grey
Alvar Blanket Grey Sale price€320,00
Alvar Blanket OakAlvar Blanket Oak
Alvar Blanket Oak Sale price€320,00
Aino Blanket Light Grey
Aino Blanket Light Grey Sale price€320,00
Aino Blanket GreyAino Blanket Grey
Aino Blanket Grey Sale price€320,00
Aino Blanket OakAino Blanket Oak
Aino Blanket Oak Sale price€320,00
Classic Beanie OakClassic Beanie Oak
Classic Beanie Oak Sale price€75,00
Classic Beanie GreyClassic Beanie Grey
Classic Beanie Grey Sale price€75,00
Ribbed BeanieRibbed Beanie
Ribbed Beanie Sale price€75,00
Beanie Off-whiteBeanie Off-white
Beanie Off-white Sale price€75,00
Beanie Oak
Beanie Oak Sale price€75,00
Katrine Turtleneck OakKatrine Turtleneck Oak
Katrine Turtleneck Oak Sale price€280,00
Meri Cable Knit OakMeri Cable Knit Oak
Meri Cable Knit Oak Sale price€280,00
Mika Cable Knit OakMika Cable Knit Oak
Mika Cable Knit Oak Sale price€280,00
Johan Textured Crew-Neck OakJohan Textured Crew-Neck Oak
Johan Textured Crew-Neck Oak Sale price€280,00
Alvar Blanket BlackAlvar Blanket Black
Alvar Blanket Black Sale price€320,00
Aurora Scarf BlackAurora Scarf Black
Aurora Scarf Black Sale price€220,00
Aurora Scarf GreyAurora Scarf Grey
Aurora Scarf Grey Sale price€220,00
Cirrus X Steamer - OnyxCirrus X Steamer - Onyx
Cirrus X Steamer - Onyx Sale price€130,00
Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver - CharcoalPilo 1 Fabric Shaver - Charcoal
Fabric Spray by Steamery 100mlFabric Spray by Steamery 100ml
Lint Brush - Dark GreyLint Brush - Dark Grey
Lint Brush - Dark Grey Sale price€15,00
Elisabet Cardigan GreyElisabet Cardigan Grey
Elisabet Cardigan Grey Sale price€285,00