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Ekta Pre-loved

Recycle Ekta's and other responsible brands’ items and turn your used items into a gift card  

At Ekta, we have created a knitwear brand based on sustainable and ethical practices as well as transparent processes. Our knitwear has a minimal environmental footprint, is produced ethically, and can be traced from the sheep farm to your wardrobe. We want our knitwear to be timeless  and to be loved for years to come. 

Sometimes you still get the feeling that you want someone else to fall in love with your Ekta product. That is why we have teamed up with Ninyes and can offer an easy way to recycle your pre-loved Ekta items. Ninyes is the first and only marketplace for used, responsibly manufactured clothing in Northern Europe. At Ninyes you will also find the best, curated selection of second hand Ekta items. 

If you decide to recycle your Ekta product, you will receive a gift card for our online store in return. You can also purchase beautiful Ekta pre-loved items from our curated selection offered by Ninyes. 



The recycling is operated by Ninyes. Send your used Ekta item, they will check it and pay you with a gift card to our online store. All you have to do is to pack and ship your items and we and Ninyes will handle the rest. You will receive your gift card quickly and what’s best, you dont have to wait for the items to be sold. 

You can recycle other items from Ninyes' brand list at the same time as Ekta products. You can also choose your gift card for Ekta even if you are not recycling Ekta products.  

This is how it works (on Ninyes website):  

  1. Fill out and send the recycling form online.  Add the campaign code REUSE to your form. Also specify for what brand you want the gift card. If you want a gift card for all brands then write Ninyes. 
  2. Pack your items and include a note with your name, phone number, and email address. 
  1. Once they have processed your items, you will receive the refund value and after you accept, they will send you the gift card to the store you requested.  

For each item that is eligible for resale, they will pay you 70% (for items with a value more than 70€) or 50% (for items with a value less than 70€) of the estimated resale price as a gift card. You will receive the gift card approximately two weeks after you have shipped your pre-loved items to Ninyes. The gift card is valid six (6) months from the date of issue. 

Read detailed recycling instructions and explore Ninyes' extensive brand list at Ninyes’ website.