About Us

 Our Philosophy 

At Ekta Helsinki sustainability, authenticity and transparency is at the core of the company. Our products are made of a natural raw material, they are 100% biodegradable and all products are ethically produced in our homeland Finland.  

 Yarn of 100% Finnish Sheep Wool 

 Ekta Helsinki's journey began when founder Mikaela started to question her own consumer habits. Having always been interested in the fashion world, she got engaged in the question whether the fashion industry necessarily had to exist at the expense of the environment, or if there could be a more sustainable alternative. 

It was only after Mikaela took a Corporate Social Responsibility course that she truly put her concerns to the table and took the leap to revolutionise the market. She went from wanting a change, to making the change. 

For several years Mikaela focused on developing a new type of yarn made of 100% Finnish sheep wool that could be used for mechanical manufacturing. Early 2021 the first knitwear products saw daylight. Holding the beautiful products in her hands for the first time, Mikaela knew she was onto something.  

 Keeping the Entire Production at Home 

 Ekta Helsinki is not only a knitwear brand, it’s a change in lifestyle. Our products are 100% sustainable and biodegradable and the entire production is located in our home country Finland. Transparency and complete control over the entire process from farm to customer is the DNA of our brand. The wool is locally sourced from responsible farms around Finland and production follows strict ethical guidelines: sheep don’t suffer when their wool gets trimmed. 

We believe in the beauty of purchasing timeless, authentic pieces of knitwear made with love for our people, animals and planet. At Ekta, we can proudly say that we practice as we preach.