Sustainability is at the core of Ekta Helsinki. What this means for us is; local raw materials, local production and transparency in the entire production chain. 

The Sheep and the Raw Material

Finnish sheep wool has never been used for industrial weaving until now. We are therefore taking a huge step in the production process and for the first time in Finnish history we are able to use it in all our products. 

The wool is highly sustainable and ethical as it is a renewable and biodegradable natural fibre. The sheep in Finland pasture freely and enhance the diversity of nature as they pasture. In Finland we do not use harmful pesticides for the wool and the shearing does no harm to the animal.

Our yarn is totally natural, nothing added and the colors are the natural colors of our sheep.

The Production 

The wool comes from farms across Finland. After washing, the wool is spun into yarn at a factory in central Finland. 

The yarn is then either weaved or knitted into products at several different factories in southern, western and central Finland

The Packaging

We are plastic free and the packaging material we use are either recycled paper or reusable paper packaging. We package everything minimally and avoid any unnecessary packaging materials.


Transportation within Finland is made through the Finnish Posti Green that only use carbon neutral transportation. 

Certified with the Nordic Swan Eco-label

A proven record for being one of the most sustainable Nordic brands, Ekta has been certified the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, one of the world´s toughest and most recognized environmental certifications.  This Scandinavian ecolabel certifies that our product's environmental impact has been as small as possible and no harmful chemicals have been used in the production process.