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Care Instructions

Out knitwear are made for use and to be long-lasting items in your wardrobe. With the help of the following instructions your favourite knits will keep you warm for years.


First of all, we want to remind you that products made of 100% wool do not need to be washed very often. Wool is a naturally antibacterial and breathable material, and often just airing freshens the product. Before washing with water, we therefore recommend airing the product - put the knit horizontally in the fresh air for about an hour, and the garment is often ready for use again.

However, sometimes this is not enough, and then the knit can be washed in cool water with a ph-neutral detergent by machine or by hand. When washing by hand, turn the garment inside out and avoid unnecessary rubbing. Select the wool wash program on your washing machine and put the turned-over garment in the laundry bag. It is recommended to wash the garment in the machine as gently as possible. Use a cold water temperature of max 30 degrees celcius.


Dry the knitwear horizontally, on a flat surface - this way the garment maintains its posture and shape. Please do not hang the garment to dry. Also avoid direct sunlight and prefer normal room temperature for drying. A damp knitwear can be lightly shaped while drying.


Instead of ironing, we recommend steaming our products and avoiding direct contact with the hot iron (use max 150 degrees celcius). Steaming maintains the softness and plushness of the product and is a significantly gentler option than ironing. It also freshens and cleans the look of the knit and the wool finds its right shape with the help of steam.


Before storing, make sure that the knit is clean, because stains can damage the wool over time. Store your knits in a dry and airy place, hanging on padded hangers or airily mowed. Choose a storage location so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you have problems with moths, put the knit outside when it is minus celsius degrees or you can put the knit in the freezer for some hours. 

Continous maintenance

With a little effort and following the washing instructions, our knits keep you warm year after year and retain their unique properties and softness. However, it is natural for wool that the surface of the product changes and fluffs a little during use. These loose fibers can be cleaned with lint combs or lint removers specially designed for wool products. Our fabric shave is also perfect for this purpose. Steaming cleans the overall appearance of the knit.

So the important stages of maintenance of our products are:

  1. Try ventilation before washing with water
  2. Always dry the knit horizontally
  3. Steam the knit clean and avoid ironing
  4. Use a lint remover /fabric shaver every now and then
  5. Spray a refreshing clothing fragrance if you like a particularly fresh feeling

Please check out the maintenance products on our site. We have carefully selected them as being the most suitable for our products. You can find them here.