The production of the yarn and the ready products is a process with several stages. To start we want to emphasize that the Finnish wool is highly sustainable and ethical. The ecological feature of the wool is increased by the fact that the pasturage of the sheep increases the diversity of the nature and does not cause harmful erosion. In Finland no harmful pestisides for the wool or sheep are used.  

  • The sheep are sheared 1-2 times per year for to the wellbeing of the sheep. 
  • The wool is washed, without any harmful chemicals. As a result we get wool that is long fibered and strong.
  • The wool is then spun into yarn that will be used to weave or knit the final product.
  • The knitting can begin. The Ekta products are weaved and knitted at several factories in Finland using different weaving and knitting techniques.
  • Washing the ready products, again using no chemicals.
  • Steam ironing.
  • Sewing of labels, either per hand or machine. We only use ecological material in our labels.  
  • The products are ready to be ordered by you and will be sent to you in eco-friendly packaging material.  

Finnish sheep wool has to this point been used as hand knitting yarn only and not for industrial weaving or knitting. Every step in our production has been engineered to transform the raw material into a long lasting and luxurious product, without giving up on our core values - sustainability, authenticity and transparency which for us means making everything in an as clean and natural way as possible in our homeland Finland.