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Article: The benefits of Finnish wool

The benefits of Finnish wool

The benefits of Finnish wool

Ekta Helsinki knits are made of pure Finnish wool 

We use only 100 % Finnish sheep wool in our knitwear. It is a natural and renewable material as well as ecological, biodegradable and recyclable. Every knit in our collection is entirely natural, which means we don´t use any chemicals , not even for dyeing purposes. The colours of our knitwear are the natural colours of the Finnish sheep, ranging from off-white to grey, oak, and brown.

Superior quality 

The superior quality of Finnish sheep wool is distinguished by its soft and fine texture, along with its remarkable resistance to water, dirt, and odours. Enriched with high levels of lanolin, the Finnish wool offers extra gentleness and is caring for the skin. Furthermore, it boasts healing properties, as it helps to improve circulation and prevents skin allergies.

Climate in Finland

The cold climate of Finland also plays a significant role in the quality of the wool. Finnish sheep develop a dense and warm fleece to withstand the low temperatures, resulting in wool with excellent insulation properties. Although the wool is perfect during the cold season it is very suitable for warmer weathers as well as it is a highly breathable material and adjusts to temperature changes effectively.

In addition, Finnish sheep wool exhibits natural resilience and durability. The fibers have a good level of elasticity, providing flexibility and resistance to wear and tear. The natural elasticity also means that we do not need to add synthetic fibers (plastics) to the product and we can use only 100% wool. This durability ensures that our knitwear stand the test of time.

Finnish sheep increase biodiversity 

In Finland, we don’t have many sheep, and therefore we treat them especially well. Our sheep have room to live and graze in a way that increases biodiversity. We practice environmentally friendly and sustainable farming. This contributes to the overall appeal of the wool and our sheep are as happy as the people living in Finland.

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