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Article: What makes Ekta Helsinki knits so unique compared to other wool knits?

Finnish sheel wool, ethical wool production in Scandinavia

What makes Ekta Helsinki knits so unique compared to other wool knits?

When environmentally conscious consumers consider wool as a textile for their clothes, they do so because they believe it is an environmentally friendly fibre choice, being 100% natural and biodegradable. 

Yes, all wool is long-lasting, thermo-regulating, and leaves valuable nutrients and carbon in the soil when it is disposed of, but we believe that the wool we use from Finnish sheep is not only superior, but it's the last word in true sustainability. 

For Ekta Helsinki, ensuring the sustainability of our products doesn't only include the qualities of the wool itself; it includes how the wool was derived. For us, the ethical aspects of sustainability are paramount – the treatment of everyone on our beautiful planet, humans and animals alike, is at the core of what we do.

Why Ekta Helsinki wool products are the ultimate in sustainability

Ekta Helsinki is the first and only brand globally that uses a 100% natural material, Finnsheep wool, in all of its products. Our wool products derive their authentic sustainability from the following facts and practices. 

  1. In Finland, sheep have a whole world to themselves. Finland has only 130,000 sheep in an area of 330,000 sq. km compared to New Zealand, where 26 million sheep live in an area smaller than Finland – 270,000 sq. km. The environmental benefit of so few sheep is the prevention of soil erosion when they are grazing.
  2. The farms where we source our wool from, use no harmful pesticides or other chemicals on the sheep, unlike the biggest sheep-producing countries. 
  3. In Finland, the sheep are handled with extra care. The shearing is done with the comfort of the sheep in mind. It is a gentle and quick process that does not harm the sheep. This is different from major wool-producing countries where sheep are manhandled and the shearing gets done in record time because shearers get paid by volume. 
  4. No "mulesing" is allowed in Finland. This horrific practice is common in countries like Australia and New Zealand and involves cutting off chunks of skin on the animals’ backsides, often without anaesthetic for the pain. Considering that 70% of all wool comes from these two countries, most wool products for sale anywhere in the world are not really cruelty-free.

Enduring qualities of Finn sheep wool:

  • Soft, silky, and light 
  • Wrinkle resistant 
  • Water repellent
  • Colour variations from white, grey, fawn, and brown to black
  • Lovely curl
  • Extremely flexible and durable

For the discerning consumer who wants to wear clothes made from superior quality wool, sourced and produced ethically, our products made with Finnsheep wool are truly the most fitting choice.

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